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Map and model inputs and outputs to generate senior-level performant code abstractions; cut project time and costs to shreds

  • dramatic impact on the quality of your application

  • dramatic impact on the speed of implementation

  • improved comprehension of all the software systems involved


With training resources and use cases because you need to get your integration projects completed WickedFastâ„¢.

Designed by senior-level architects to enforce best practices, WICKEDFAST SOLUTIONS gives you the tools to rapidly develop high-quality performant systems that conform to your specifications.

About WickedFast Solutions

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Generate up to 94% of even a half-year-long project's code in minutes.

Leverage the Wickedfast Solutions Tools and Libraries to generate the boilerplate serialization, mapping and validation code for your next project. Thereby freeing you to concentrate on what's important, the custom business logic of your application.

  • dramatic impact on the quality of your application

    Take advantage of performance optimizations and code that would be too tedious or time-consuming to write or maintain by hand. Process arbitrarily large XML documents using our cursor based API's. Benefit from all the time we spent to make sure that the generated code is not only correct, but also performant and good about reporting errors in a way that is understandable by developers.

  • dramatic impact on the speed of implementation

    Are you still scheduling projects for two years out? 50% of all IT projects never see the light of day. Usually because the customer driving the project has long since left the scene. It turns out that the development time it takes to model and map the inputs and outputs to your system is much quicker and easier than the corresponding time it takes to develop the same solution by hand. Why create a domain model from scratch (along with all the serialization and validation code) when one can be automatically generated for you in a fraction of the time.

  • improved comprehension of all the software systems involved

    Is your enterprise suffering from too many subject matter experts? Do you rely on consultants who will be gone in 6 months? By understanding the basic philosophy behind the Wickedfast Solution a single developer or consultant is able to work confidently in any project that implements the system. Contrast this to 30 developers each working independently on their own project, to recreate the same wheels, in their own way.

The Benefits

So fast its Wicked

Generates compliable code using tens of thousands of lines of an input like a XML schema to produce an abstraction in minutes.

Ease of Use

Clear and intuative - even for less experienced devs; turn your junior developers into performant coders in less than an hour

Focus on the Business Logic

Do the coding that really matters, use the methods in your generated API to save on costs by not writing the 'required' verbose code.


A few hundred pages of Java Documentation are produced with every new use of WFS complete with domain model and mapping codes.

Project Standardization

Your developer team will be able to quickly understand any WFS-supported project and be already up to speed if they understand the basic WFS system.

Popular file models

Model any structered format including but not limited to XSD Schemas, Relational Databases, Delimited Text, XML Instances, and Properties files.

How it Works


Generate your Schemas

For your input and outputs, we generate a fully marshaled XML given instances of what already is being used in your product. We support XMLs, schemas, delimited text files, and databases.


Model and Map

Target exactly what needs to be done with each input/output and how everything should be wired toghether, then specify how they all interact with each other.


Generate Implementations

Arguably the easiest part. Sit back and relax while Wicked Fast produces a API that uses domain models that suits your product.


Finish up with Business Logic

Now that you have a set of class-files and the unique documentation that goes with, your developers just need to add some lines of their own to make it yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Fill out a contact form below letting us know you tried the demo, and/or are sold on the fact that we can save your company valuable manhours.

What are the requirements?

equal parts developer to hours of training, 1 part WickedFast Solutions tools, and a lot of signatures

Wheres the Tutorial?

For introducing WickedFast to your developers try our all-in-one structured training page.

How about the quality?

Verses consultants, WickedFast Solutions geared developers produce more senior-level, performant, and efficient code; and thats what really matters, right?

How to report issue / feedback?

We include a bug-tracking section in our desktop app, but you can always email us using the contact information below!

How long til I can get my hands on this WFS?

August 2016. We are in the works of meeting with legal teams to draft licence contracts for you to use our product as licenced, meanwhile, a demo version is available on the website.

Still unsure how WickedFast will help development?

Your competitors are already on board. Don't be left behind.

We have senior WickedFast engineers ready to engage you in any pre-sales questions in how the product can be used in your organization for proper project execution.

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